About me

Assalamu Alaikum ! My name is Ayesha 

And Welcome to my blog ! 

I’m just a girl in my twenties , figuring out life – one day at a time.” 

The name of the site represents the period in my life when I created it. If you are in twenties like me or crossed it , you would understand what a range of emotions and experiences it can be. I can bake a cake 🎂 , cook  ,talk alot , make people laugh , draw , give beauty and health tips, do DIY things, bore people with my knowledge in biology and  now I can also write a blog. I believe in kindness and taking chances. My motto is “everything happens for a reason”. 

This space is to share my knowledge on cooking , health care and other random rantings  to help others like me along the way! I do my best to post every monday and thursday and sometimes there is special content on the other days too ! 

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