New year resolutions we need to make ! 

It’s 2017!! Finally! 2016 was bit of a struggle. I thought it was only for me but after seeing all the creative memes on Instagram, I’ll assume that it was the same for everybody. So a new year means new purposes in life. New Year’s resolutions have almost become a custom these days. But it’s also tradition to forget your resolutions the very next day and go on with life. I make resolutions every now and then but hardly keep up. So the main change I’ll be making this year is to keep up with my resolutions. ! I have made a list of resolutions that I’ll be following this year and I recommend to all of you! The one important thing you need to keep in mind is that  you do not need a new year to make a change in your life and improve yourself but the change can be made whenever you put your heart and soul into it. So here’s to the changes you can make any time for a better life. 



  1. Make time for the family.
  2. Work on your relationships.
  3. Be more active.
  4. Be more kind and generous.
  5. Grow in spirituality.
  6. Keep fit and eat healthy.
  7. Get more organized
  8. Make more friends.
  9. Be less dependent on technology.
  10. Work on your personality.
  11. Get creative.
  12. Push boundaries and limitations.
  13. Learn and study more
  14. Travel.
  15. Read more.
  16. Stop procrastinating
  17. Grow up.

I wanted to give my ideas and explanation for each of these resolutions but I felt they are more powerful when felt unexplained. Each of these resolutions can mean different things to different people. Our life stories are not the same. And that is why I chose to leave these resolutions only as words and I hope they strike a chord in each one of you! I hope you only the best this New Year and May you have all the success that you deserve.

This year may be the year your dreams finally come true so work hard and never look back!

Stay blessed.

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