Homemade Chocolates – Last minute gift ideas! (Winter Series)

Need a quick and stress-free gift idea for the holidays or any occasion? Here’s one.

This is a very inexpensive and easy gift idea. And who does not like chocolate? Chocolate is that one thing that gratifies each and every one. Making them by yourself makes this great gift even more personal and perfect.

Here are 4 different ideas to dress up your chocolate:

First prepare what you want to add to your chocolates , here I have some almonds and chopped pistachios. I caramelized the almonds to give them a crunchy and chewy caramel-ly texture. 

To caramelize the almonds , I coated them with a thick layer of my salted caramel sauce and baked them in the oven for 10 mins. 

Cool the caramelized almonds and chop them up into big and small pieces.Get my salted caramel sauce recipe here: Spice Up Your Hot Chocolate – 5 different ways! Winter series.

I used white chocolate and dark chocolate chips. If don’t have those at home, you can always use some chocolates lying around at home but make sure its plain chocolate and not filled. You can also use candy melts of any color. Whatever floats your boat ! 


  • Melt a cup of  chocolate chips  with a tablespoon of coconut oil. Coconut oil makes sturdy chocolates  that don’t melt so quickly but if you do not like the smell of coconut oil in your chocolate , you can use butter by halving the quantity i.e a tablespoon of coconut oil is equal to half a tablespoon of butter. Remember that when using butter your chocolate is prone to melting quickly.
  • Add a tsp of vanilla extract or any flavoring extract like peppermint , orange or lemon etc.
  • Make sure you stir it continuously so that your chocolate does not melt at the bottom.
  • If you are melting store-bought chocolate , you don’t have to add coconut oil or butter as they already have stabilizers added.
  • Allow them to cool a bit before pouring them into the moulds to make chocolates.


I divided the melted white and dark chocolate into two equal portions.

  1. Add the chopped pistachios and mix. Pour into moulds.
  2. Mix in 1 tsp of  matcha powder , gives a very distinct taste. Pour into moulds.

  1. Add chopped pistachios and mix. Pour into moulds.
  2. Pour in the melted chocolate into the mould till fills  half the mould and then insert your caramelized almond. Fill with more chocolate.


  • Silicon moulds are best. You can remove the chocolate from them easily without destroying your work.
  • Bang your mould on the counter twice after filling them with chocolate to make sure it’s filled in every nook and corner and is even.
  • Level the moulds with the back of a knife after pouring in the chocolate. This ensures neat looking chocolates.

  1. Brush some luster dust on the mould before adding the chocolate.
  2. Add some sprinkles onto the mould.
  3. Add some sugar crystals onto the mould.
  4. Insert the caramelized almonds.

How you decide to dress up your chocolates is up to you! Get creative and enjoy making these delicious and easy chocolates which are perfect for gifting. 

You can add a quick label or tag to make it even more special and personal.

Happy holidays !


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