Don’t curse people! – Random rantings 

Those of you who have been to or stay in Dubai must know how dangerous and crazy the roads can be. To drive in Dubai, you really need to have the patience and skill. You have the fast ones, the ones who cut into your lane suddenly, the ones who drive with their eyes on their phone, the ones who jump from the furthest right lane across to the opposite left lane just to take the exit and the ones who absolutely don’t care about where they are going! 

So yea, you can get really mad driving on these roads. I mean seriously some drivers can frustrate even the most patient of people. Right now, you might be wondering what all this has to do with the title… Let me explain. 

I don’t think it is okay to curse those bad drivers. This is for anyone who drives on the Dubai roads and to all of you! I’ve been on too many taxis and buses to know that, yes they sometimes do curse the other drivers. DON’T DO THAT! Yes I understand what they did is wrong and almost put your car and life in danger but that’s no reason to curse them and wish death upon them. Be patient! The person behind the wheel that you are cursing is someone’s son or daughter, mother or father, brother or sister or their loved ones. There could be a reason to why they did that! Yes there could be. It could be the worker rushing back to office so he doesn’t get fired and has a family to feed or it could be someone who needs to use the washroom immediately. Yea 😂

Whatever it may be, no one has the right to curse another human being whether right or wrong! I strongly believe that cursing has a bad effect on the one being cursed and I do not want to wish it upon them. Of course I do not support irrational driving and taking the other’s safety for granted but they need to be punished justly by rules and regulations, not by your cursing death or bad upon them! And this does not apply only to those on the roads but in every situation of life!




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