Foster a pet even if you think you can’t ! Now ! 

I had always wanted a cat since I was little. My mom is one of those people who hates pets. HATES ! The only thing she ever allowed us to have were fishies and that too we could only get two of them in a tank. There was no bringing up the topic of having a pet in our house. Dreams shattered.

 One of my closest friend got a foster cat recently and she adores it. I kept coming across adorable pictures of her kitty on all of her social media, to be honest it made me a little jealous . So when she told me about how there were so many other rescue cats looking for a foster home just like hers , I quickly jumped in on the idea. My plan was to convince  my mom , saying  that the poor cat might die if we don’t help it and that it will be with us for just a week. I was hoping that the cat  during its stay would somehow win my moms heart and she would let it stay will us forever . Muhahahah! 

Unfortunately that is not how things went , the cat stayed with us for just about 20 mins and then my mom decided it has got to go. Very sad indeed ! My heart goes out to all the abandoned pets out there who are in need of a safe home. I really appreciate those rescue workers who look after and nurture these poor beings. Since I couldn’t help out in any way , I figured I might as well put it out there why more people should start fostering . 

 Here is a picture of the beautiful kitty I was supposed to foster. Sadly she dint get a chance.



The rescue shelters do a great job on saving these animals and providing  a safe place for them to thrive in but in most cases these shelters are overcrowded and are always in need of more room for new rescues. In such cases , many cats and dogs are euthanized . Yes euthanized! 

Overcrowding also causes behavioral problems among the animals making life harder for the  rescue staff. So the organizations are always on the look for caring and willing individuals to help them out by fostering a pet  . 


If you are new to this pet business and has never had a pet before , fostering is the option for you. Fostering helps you understand what it’s like to have a pet in the house and to learn your new responsibilities without investing too much. 

You can always give back a foster pet if you think you can’t handle the responsibilities that are attached with it but you can’t do the same for a cat or dog that you had just paid a lot for. Fostering trains you for your new pet in case you plan on getting one. It is also a great opportunity to testout different  breeds to se which one you like the best.


If you think you aren’t ready to provide the space and to support the expenses that comes along with a pet then think of fostering  . Foster cats and dogs come trained , neutered/spayed including immunizations . And most rescue shelters provide discounts for the vet or pays for all the medical expenses. Several places also provide the supplies that your pet might need. 

Buying a new cat or dog ? All these expenses are paid by you . 

4) A CHANCE OF ADOPTION – Forever happy 

By fostering , you provide the animal a chance to get adopted. It also helps the shelters to recognize the pets personality which otherwise would not be recognized in the shelter. This helps them place the animal in appropriate homes where they will be loved forever. It  decreases the chances of the animal being sent back to the shelter after adoption. The animal gets to socialize in a normal household and adapt which cannot be done in a shelter. Sometimes shelters can be very stressful for the animals.


It all comes down to this. 


Bin kitty collective is an organization which rescues cats and kittens and helps them find a loving home! My kitty is also from this shelter. 


Please contact them if you are open to the idea of fostering a cat.

My kitty , albino is also looking for a foster home . Please let me know in the comments below if you are interested. 

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